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Please note, each article submission must meet the following criteria:

A thesis statement could be the duration of the paragraph and it has to become a notion. It should be either one or two sentences in span and placed at or close to the end of your paragraph. Your thesis statement is going to be described as a roadmap for the remainder of your paper, and so the remaining section of the paragraphs at the paper provides evidence and support for your argument. It is a key portion of the writing assignment. From the instance of an empirical analysis essay, your thesis announcement has to include matters such as the precise causes and effects this article tells you all you need to know about essay about responsibility you are analyzing and why. In addition, in addition, you will need to be making toward an thesis announcement by just giving circumstance. Developing a powerful thesis statement will probably make sure your analysis paper about a state is relatively straightforward to write.


  • Originality: The article must be written by you in your own language. References to external sources must be properly cited. We are not picky about the citation style, but  is our favorite.
  • Accuracy: The article must be medically and scientifically accurate and must provide references to peer-reviewed literature or recognized books/manuals.
  • Readability: The article must be readable by an individual with 8th grade level education.
  • Concise: The article must be between 1000 to 1200 words in length.


Submission Process


If we accept your draft, our editors will work with you to refine it to make it publication-ready. If we decide to publish it, you’ll be listed on the article as a contributor, and we’ll also compensate you some for your work.


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