Are you interested in being part of this project and making some extra cash? We are actively looking for best-in-class:


  • Writers (English, Nepali or Hindi)
    • Physicians, nurses, journalists, professional authors, even top students!


  • Reviewers (English, Nepali or Hindi)
    • Must be a physician with a license to practice in the area where you live.


  • Translators (English, Nepali or Hindi)
    • Well, let us be clear — we’re not looking for word-to-word dictionary translation. We’re looking for someone who can read in one language and write in another as though it was originally written in that language.


  • Artists
    • They have their own language!


  • Graphical Designers
    • Really good with photoshop and stuff!


If you are any of these, send us your resume to, and we’ll contact you.