About Us

We are a socially active professionals who have bought into the idea that basic health literacy can be transformative to an individual’s, and by extension, community’s health. Considering the bleak state of public health in the developing world, we see an opportunity where we could empower individuals and societies with fundamental health information that allows them to understand, prevent and/or manage conditions and improve overall health.


In one sentence, we are a team of individuals who believe that we can influence a positive change in public health in the developing world through information.


We have seen the problems associated with access to quality healthcare in developing countries first hand, and have also experienced the information technology revolution that is affecting every part of the world. We believe that there is a great deal that information technology could contribute towards improving the quality of healthcare and this initiative is our effort to tap into that potential.


Our goal is to help empower the public with some basic knowledge about their own health so that they can prevent diseases, or even if they cannot, be more informed patients. We believe that our initiative complements the efforts of healthcare professionals, particularly in the developing world where patient-to-provider ratio is very large.

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