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Welcome to our Website! We are glad to have you here.

Developing countries have a consistent problem of shortage of qualified health care professionals to meet the health care demands of the population. For example, in Nepal,  there are about 1 doctor per 6000 people. Additionally, most of these doctors are concentrated mainly in the urban areas leaving rural communities much worse off — perhaps as few as only one doctor per 60,000 people (10 times more than urban areas). When there is such an unhealthy patient-to-provider ratio, one thing that suffers is the quality of care. This is apparent if you visit just about any public hospital or care facility in a developing country.


So we must do something. What can we do?


That’s the question we asked ourselves. Then, we started this project.


The goal of our project and this Website is to empower ordinary citizens with important health information so that they can prevent or manage disease conditions more effectively.


Health literacy has been linked to sustainable development. We believe that health literacy using information technology can be an important intervention with the potential of transforming people’s lives.


Do you want to be part of this project? Whether you are a physician, nurse, pharmacist or a research scientist, etc. there are many ways you can engage with us. Send us your resume and a sample of your original work and someone from our team will get in touch with you.


If you have written a health-related original article, you can submit it to us. If we feel that your work is worthy of publication, it will appear on our Website with your byline. We will even provide compensation to you if your article is published. We welcome article submissions from anyone as long as it meets our quality requirements. See Article Submission page for more information.


If you would like to work for us, send us your resume. We are looking for excellent writers, graphic designers, medical reviewers, content editors, translators and copy editors.  See our Careers page for more information.


We are also looking for partnership with healthcare organizations. Whether it is a hospital, nursing home or a clinic, we can help educate your patients.


If you would like to see information about any health-related subject, please suggest us a topic and we’ll try to get to it! You can also leave us a comment.

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