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  • Difficulty swallowing (Dysphagia)

    Dysphagia is the inability or difficulty in swallowing food or liquid.  Normally, muscles in the throat (pharynx) and esophagus (food pipe) contract rhythmically to move food and liquids from mouth to stomach. Dysphagia occurs when there is a narrowing or lack of coordination of movem

  • Alzheimer’s Disease

    Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder of brain function where you experience a gradual and progressive decline in your memory along with other intellectual function of the brain. The rate with which the disease progresses varies between people to people. They also develop problems related to thinking, social behavior and

  • Pins and Needles

    Tingling and numbness are the loss of normal sensation in the various parts of body. Tingling is the prickling sensation also known as pins and needles and it is usually felt in hands and feet. Numbness is when one cannot feel any sensation in part of his/her body.   <

  • Headache

    Headache Headache is pain felt in any region of the head upto upper part of the neck . Brain itself is pain insensitive, but surrounding structures like coverings of brain, arteries and muscles are pain sensitive. Stimulation of these pain sensitive areas from inflammation and

  • Nausea and Vomiting

    Nauseas and vomiting are usually manifestation of some underlying disease that are usually non life threatening. Occasionally, it might be an indicator of underlying serious conditions like brain disease, intestinal obstruction and heart disease. Nausea is the feeling of uneasiness in th

  • Rabies

    Rabies is a viral disease of mammals affecting the brain and the nervous system. It is transmitted to humans by the bite of a rabid animal. From the site of the bite, the virus travels via nerves to the brain. Then it spreads to other organs including, salivary gland and is shed in saliv

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

    Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a disorder of brain development  that impairs child’s ability to  communicate and interact with others. Children with this disorder have  poor social communication, social interaction skills and have limited set of interest and activities. These chi

  • Tetanus

        Tetanus is a vaccine preventable disease of the nervous system caused by a bacteria Clostridium tetani. This organism is widely distributed in soil contaminated with animal and human feces. The spores formed by the bacteria can survive for years and is resistant to various disinfectants and even boi

  • Stroke

    Stroke is a medical emergency. It occurs when the blood supply to the brain is severely compromised or suddenly cut off.  As a result, the brain cells begin to die due to the lack of oxygen and nutrients. A permanent damage can result if blood flow is not restored promptly. If the blood

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